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"Goal Setting and Your Social Life" presented by Triumvirate. Dallas, Texas: December, 12th.

Social Game Part 1

Social Game Part 2

SUMMARY: "Goal Setting and Your Social Life"

As 2012 draws to a close, its time to start looking at your goals for 2013.

You have goals financially, with you health, and socially, but how do you ensure that these goals are achieved so that you're not reading this post next year wondering: "What happened?"

For the meet-up this month, we will be discussing goal-setting in general and specifically how it relates to talking to women. We will look at how to vastly improve your social skills by taking it from something that you dabble in to something that you are committed to.

At this meeting we will discuss:

I. 5 Steps of Effective Goal-Setting
II. How to Ensure Accountability in Your Goals
III. Thinking of your Goals as Something that You GET to do instead of something you HAVE to do

You will also get key questions answered such as:
A. How long does is take to get GOOD talking to women?
B. Does improving other areas of my life improve my game?
C. What should I be doing night to night to better my game?
D. What the hell do I say?

My hope is that the tools and skills in this talk are some things that can be used by people of all skill levels. So whether you are completely new or have published your own e-book join me for this talk.

~ Triumvirate

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