Need a consistent wingman?

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Need a consistent wingman?

Postby acmecorporation » Fri May 13, 2016 12:22 am

Sup Pimps,

I've done a little game in the past but life got in the way. I am a beginner. Thankfully, a lot of prior commitments are starting to end and I have more time than before. So if you want someone to get consistent practice with, hit me up.

Currently my schedule is as follows:
I can go out...
-Sunday night until 1-2am.
-Monday until 1am (yay So So's)
-Every other Thursday until midnight (Almost anywhere in uptown; industry night at Truth & Alibi @ Deep Ellum!)
-Friday and Saturday until whenever. However, I usually go out with my friends. If we hang out enough we could game these days as well.

I can be consistent with this schedule 80% of the time. However, I haven't been able to do this alone. I basically did one approach per night and then just stood there paralyzed when I tried to go out alone consistently. It sucked.

Anyway....There is potential for a lot of practice!

Personally, I look for three basic qualities in a wingman.
-Approach and push to approach...otherwise wtf are we doing?
-Not 100% a dick.
-Positive or, at the very least, neutral vibe (I'll be your wing and maybe even your friend but not your fucking therapist!)

So who's up for some consistent, deliberate, and disciplined practice? 10,000 hours baby!

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