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Sarge Meet Guidelines

Postby Mojo » Tue Apr 10, 2012 12:09 pm

Sarge Meet Guidelines

There should be at least one sarge event per month consisting of 1) Initial meeting and discussion and 2) sarging.

Initial meeting is a chance for the guys to share their sticking points, talk about gaming, and just to chill out and get to know each other. Afterwards the group will sarge, splitting up into groups of 4 or 5, visiting a different venue. This ensures one venue will not be saturated.

The initial meeting/discussion
    1) Meet at a designated area. It’s a good idea to state in the Sarge Meet Thread that the host will be wearing a unique piece of cloth so he is easier to find.
    2) Thank them for coming out.
    3) Introductions. Have each attendee state:
      a. Their name
      b. How he found the community
      c. His sticking points
    4) Encourage discussion on game. Discussing how to overcome sticking points is a good starting point.
    5) Divide group based on chemistry. The guys tend to group together according to how well they relate to each other. This will allow for better synergy when sarging. A more experienced individual may be included in the group to guide and critique their game.
    Briefly going over a few wingman rules before venturing out may be a good ideas. They can be found here:
    6) Splitting the group up in different venues may be necessary with larger groups in order to prevent venue saturation.
    7) Designate a late night meeting place (usually at a restaurant) for the guys to gather and discuss/evaluate their game for the night.

Night Game sarge events have been held on the third Friday of each month, first meeting at a pre-designated area for member introductions, review sticking points, and determining skill level. After which men are split up in groups and, if necessary, sent to different locations to sarge as to not over saturate one venue. Sherlocks has long been the traditional venue for many Night Game sarging events.

Day Game sarge events have been held on Saturdays or Sundays. Popular areas are malls, though any area that has a large group of people will do.
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