LR: Same day lay. Wine & dine her on a budget (retro)

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LR: Same day lay. Wine & dine her on a budget (retro)

Postby Mojo » Tue Dec 10, 2013 2:19 pm

I was visiting an old stomping ground (from 6 years ago) and came across an old LR of mine at ... =35.msg117
Got some useful tips so I thought you'd guys would find it useful...

Cooking dinner and watching a movie at your place is one of my favorite gaming tactics. Go all out, wine & cheese, appetizers, dinner, dessert, movie, and plenty of scented candles. It is a fraction of the cost of going out for dinner & movie, much more romantic for her, and you just can't beat the logistics. Though yesterday I added another piece to this routine – Taking her with me to the grocery store to buy the food.

Herbal had given me this idea when I was down in Austin. He would simply invite them along for mundane things such as grocery shopping - the type of things couples does. Yesterday I had met this HB at Starbucks. Changed venue to the Galleria mall to build more comfort. Walked her to the car, told her I had to go meet a friend but would like to see her that night. Told her I would call her later then k-closed.

I felt that I had built solid comfort. So I decided to invite her to my place for dinner. Called and told her I would like to cook her dinner (she says yes) but not to expect anything to happen (I want her to feel safe and see this as a bit of a challenge). I have her meet me at the grocery store at 7pm. As mention, going to the grocery store is what couples do well advance in their relationship. This mindset is preferable over the more expensive dating mindset. And what else is normal for couples in relationships… sex. Yup, that is the mindset I want her in. Also, it allows for another venue change. As you probably know, taking a girl from one place to another allows for time distortion. In other words, her minds thinks she has known you for a longer time. She arrives, I kiss her to keep up the romantic mindset, and we go shopping.

Now when shopping for dinner, make sure you buy a light dinner. You do not want anything, which might make her feel heavy. You want her feeling light and sexy. I buy some lettuce, cucumbers, and tomatoes for the salad (she had said she loved salads earlier), asparagus as a side, cheese to go with the wine, and salmon. As I pick up the salmon, she says, “Maybe I don’t like salmon”. I reply with a playful grin “I like salmon, and that is what counts”. She laughs and says she loves salmon. I tell her it’s my friend’s birthday and I am meeting him out for a couple of drinks, so when I kick her out, don’t take it personally.

Follows me back to my place, I prepare and salmon as she helps with the Salad. After putting the salmon in the oven to cook, I take her with me to get some wine. I know a little about wine, so it is nice to talk intelligently about wine. Girls like that shit. I suppose it shows some sophistication.

We return, I turn up the temperature up to broil and open up the foil so the salmon can get a little brown, I prepare the asparagus by frying it in a little butter, and poor us a glass of wine. It is an Australian. The Aussies use a different method to make their wine, which is cheaper than the traditional method yet produces excellent quality.

I pick out a movie, serve dinner, and start watching the movie. She tells me 3 or 4 times that she loves the salmon. Remove plates, turn off the lights and fire up a few candles. We make out. She gets more comfortable as we cuddle and watch the movie. Then we make out. Cuddle. Make Out, take off bra. She has pieced nipples. Nice. She stops, and asks if I need to go see my friend. I told her they would be out late and take her hand to my room for a nice f-close. No LMR. After the bed, lead her to the shower for f-close #2. Kiss her good night and went off to see my friend.
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Re: LR: Same day lay. Wine & dine her on a budget (retro)

Postby dutchman6 » Thu May 01, 2014 1:06 am

This post is genius! I have done this before but the "logistics" behind this is perfect. I like that you added a time restraint and you still followed through on that time restraint. To where in her mind, sex wasn't part of the agenda but in REALITY it really was... haha... I love that, Misdirection! John Travolta (Swordfish) would of been proud!

Ps. Sorry for the late reply, i've been out of the game for a while.
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Re: LR: Same day lay. Wine & dine her on a budget (retro)

Postby Derek_4 » Wed Jun 25, 2014 2:49 am

Nice post!
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Re: LR: Same day lay. Wine & dine her on a budget (retro)

Postby premature_pua » Fri Jan 30, 2015 9:19 pm

Great logistics game. Also, great way to challenge her by basically tell her you don't care if she doesn't like salmon. Genius! Hopefully I can use this if I can think fast enough!
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Re: LR: Same day lay. Wine & dine her on a budget (retro)

Postby NaughtyNomad » Sat Jun 18, 2022 10:35 am

If she likes Pink Salmon, did she gobble it up with chef's special sauce?
My own survey results would predict a 'yes'. Which later would be a great 'ice-breaker'?
Do blame some theory of some guy, you read on the internet. Like that's the truth or something.
Otherwise may be a deal-breaker and a trip to get herself tested, you player you~!
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